HEAD COACH - Sarah Revis 

Sarah Revis once again takes the role of Head Coach this season and is excited to welcome new members, returning riders and their mounts. 


Sarah has been involved with ponies since the age of four but didn’t get a chance to join Pony Club until she moved to New Zealand from the UK as a 14 year old. Her first pony was a New Zealand bush pony called Jack, who she evented up to 95cm. She was a member of the Wainui Pony Club for many seasons and represented the area in dressage, show jumping and eventing. 


Coaching since the age of 18, Sarah now runs her own business called Revis Equine and is a full-time rider and certified coach based in Waitoki. Sarah currently has two of her own horses in work, Triple Star Puzzled by Time and Royal Blue. When she isn’t coaching riders or training horses for others, she enjoys elementary level dressage, eventing and showjumping to 1.2m. In 2019 Sarah won pinto saddle hunter of the year on board Triple Star Puzzled by Time. 


Sarah loves working with riders of all ages, and gains enormous satisfaction from seeing riders enjoying their ponies, having fun and working hard to achieve their goals. Horses are a full time job for Sarah these days so there is little time for anything else. But we are sure she wouldn’t have it any other way! 



Rebecca Buckley is the vice president of Silverdale Pony Club and is also the rally co-ordinator. A local rider for many years, Rebecca started riding at the age of 11 and first attended Chelsea Pony Club based in Beach Haven. She remembers riding her first pony Yasmin, to events held at Rosedale, Greenhithe and Albany Pony Club. Like many others, her family didn't own a float then.

When she was 13, her family moved to Dairy Flat where she attended Dairy Flat Pony Club and was one of the founding members of the North Harbour District.  She enjoyed many years competing in the Neville Trophy and representing North Harbour at Timberlands and Cambridge Show Jumping.

Rebecca started instructing at the age of 16 and attended her first instructors course run by Kay Hogan back in 1991. From there she completed coaching courses up to C+ & B and has enjoyed judging at Dressage, Ribbon Days and D / C certificate exams.  Rebecca loves coaching and gets great satisfaction from seeing her riders push themselves beyond their comfort zones and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Rebecca still loves hunting and eventing, these days on her lovely gelding Sam.

COACH - Sarah Fallas

Sarah Fallas moved to New Zealand when she was 8 years old.  Her first mount was a loan pony called Snowy.  Her early years were spent at Dairy Flat Pony Club, where the lovely Snowy did her best to buck her off!  By the time she got her own pony called Rose & Thistle, she had a great riding foundation and represented Waitemata at the Inca Cup games at the Auckland Royal Easter show. Sarah continued to compete throughout her teens and competed at 2 and 3 star horse trials when she took over Mum’s Andalusian mare Zinny. 

Sarah is currently working with her new young horse Cavalier and will be competing at horse trials with him. There is a new foal on the way by Centavos so she has lots to keep her very busy. 

With many years of coaching under her belt, Sarah loves seeing happy horses and riders achieving their goals. Her personal favourite is seeing frustrations and nerves replaced by smiles. Sarah is a designer and capable builder. Her creativity and skills are responsible for some of the cool jumps on our cross country course and annual derby day.


COACH - Lynley Holme

Lynley has been involved with Pony Club for several decades and we are lucky enough to have her coach our beginners group here at Silverdale Pony Club. Her involvement with horses began as a child, aboard her fat, cheeky but cute little pony named Chum. While Chum may have tried her patience, he taught her many valuable lessons and enabled her to move on to bigger and better things! After developing a great skill set, she represented Franklin Thames Valley in eventing and dressage and remembers winning the first ever Timberlands event in 1982 on board her pony Danny Boy. 

Her involvement continued, as a teen, Lynley often helped her father with the starting and training of young horses. She specialised in dressage for awhile, competing at medium level. As well as riding and coaching, Lynley is also an experienced judge. After becoming a pony club mum, Lynley returned to riding once again - although now describing herself as 'vintage'

Lynley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her coaching and has a calm, fun and hands-on approach to teaching.  She works with riders of all ages, but especially enjoys coaching the littlies, creating a fun and games-based learning environment, building foundation skills and confidence for Pony Club’s future super stars. 

When Lynley isn’t riding or coaching, she can usually be found outside, digging in her beautiful garden here in Dairy Flat.

 COACH - Sam Leuthard

Sam has been a long standing member of Silverdale Pony Club and we love having her back to coach. She started riding when she was 8 years old on a young dun mare called Mouse who had formerly been part of a herd in Northland. Despite being so young and being blind in one eye, Mouse was a super little pony and gave Sam endless good times and memories.  

Over the years, Sam represented North Harbour at show jumping, a discipline she tries to stay involved in. Outside of work, Sam is also very involved in hockey. She has somehow ended up with three horses at home so she is very active!

Sam loves the environment that pony club provides for riders. She remembers her Silverdale years fondly, especially the camps and night time trails through the bush. She has stayed involved as an adult rider and this led onto coaching. Seeing improvement and the smiles on riders faces when they beat their friends are a few of the many reasons Sam continues to coach. 

COACH - Heidi McAlpine

Heidi McAlpine is a long time pony club member who has enjoyed many fun rallies at Silverdale Pony Club over the years.  She has competed in dressage, show jumping and eventing teams for the area and most recently has taken on the ride of Regal Xavier. 

Xavier is a level 7 dressage horse who Heidi will be competing at level 4/5 dressage this season. Heidi is a working student with grand prix dressage rider Nicky Daulton and is gaining invaluable experience with younger horses and yard management. Xavier is a far cry from her first, extremely green pony called Fez, who could  be described as ‘a bit of a challenge!’. Not one to shy away from hard work, Heidi won the Under 25 Level one newcomers championship on a self made pony. She loves the community of support that Pony Club offers and gains immense satisfaction seeing the bond and connection between a rider and their horse develop. 

Outside of riding, Heidi loves the beach and can also be spotted out on a surfboard during the summer months.

COACH - Bianca de Ruiter

We are pleased to have Bianca joining us as a coach again this season.  Bianca rode at Greenhithe pony club for eight years. Her first horse was a cute flea-bitten grey called Jazz.  Bianca has so many great pony club memories but her most memorable riding experience would be when her team came 1st overall representing Waitemata in show hunter. She also represented Waitemata District in dressage and competed in pony club eventing over the years.

Bianca  is currently producing a seven year old gelding named Beckham, who she hopes to get out competing this season.  Bianca loves show jumping and has competed up to level 3 dressage.  Bianca has grown to love coaching and loves helping the kids to advance further in their riding, getting them more confident, and helping them achieve their goals.

Bianca is loving the welcoming vibe and shared knowledge of Silverdale Pony Club.  Outside of horses Bianca is in her final year of university studying physiotherapy. She also enjoys travelling around New Zealand and discovering the amazing beaches!


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