HEAD COACH - Sarah Revis

We are excited to have a new head coach on board for the 2018/19 season.  Sarah Revis has been head coach at Greenhithe Pony Club for the last nine years and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.  More information to follow.


COACH - Kirsty Michell

Kirsty has been riding since she was 4 years old, she grew up in England working on various yards, she began teaching at the age of 14 as a means of paying for her own riding. Since moving to New Zealand Kirsty has spent time learning some natural horsemanship and has gained skills in teaching groundwork. She also spent time re-schooling OTTB’s, doing track work with thoroughbreds before they begin racing, and has helped back a couple of youngsters for a friend.

She has taught in America, working as assistant director for the equestrian program at a summer camp in California.

Kirsty is currently in the final stages of completing the ESNZ coaching program, and will be registered with ESNZ coaching for this season. Kirsty teaches private lessons outside of pony club and has been working with ESNZ coaches and developing her teaching methods.

Kirsty believes that although riding should be about pushing yourself to be the best you can, it is also about having fun with your pony and learning lots of new things!

COACH - Sarah Fallas

Sarah began instructing at Dairy Flat Pony Club in 2008 working with D, C, C+ and B cert riders. She then became head instructor for two years before going overseas. Sarah learnt to ride in the UK and when her family immigrated to NZ joined Dairy Flat PC and began competing in mounted games, eventing and dressage. Highlights of her riding so far: riding at the easter show Inca Cup finals, learning classical dressage from Nuno Oliveira trained Marji Armstrong, riding an intermediate cross country course at the same time as Mark Todd and teaching confidence boosting tips and tricks to riders.


COACH - Megan Schischka

Megan is an experienced show jumping and show hunter rider, and has dabbled in a bit of eventing and showing. Her successes include winning the ESNZ National Show Jumping Junior Rider Series in 2007 and placing second in NZ in the Childrens International Showjumping Competition. She has competed successfully on ponies and hacks. Placing  2nd in Show Jumping Pony of the year and placing in two show hunter title classes at HOY, placing in Working Hunter of the year, as well as placing at Novice/1* level eventing on her hack. As a past member of Silverdale Pony Club, Megan represented North Harbour at numerous team competitions, including NIPCSJ Champs, and went on to be the leading team member for Waitemata team that won the NIPCSJ Champs team’s competition in 2006.

Megan currently holds her B certificate, and is looking at working towards her A and H in the next couple of years. This will be Megan’s third season coaching at Pony Club. She is well equipped to coach various levels of horses and riders in various disciplines. She sees the importance of a great coach for any level of rider, and will strive to be the best coach she can be. She also understands that every rider has different needs so she will do her best to adapt her coaching ways to each individual horse and rider. But most of all, she believes that riders should have fun!

2014  Horse Trials 1* riding Hollywood Wannabe

2007 Pony of the Year, Megan Schischka second on her pony “As Good As Gold”

 COACH - Bella Lockie

Bella has been a member of Rosedale pony club since she was 4 years old and holds her full B certificate.  Bella owns and rides a variety of young and green horses and has represented Rosedale and Waitemata in all disciplines over the years including Cambridge SJ champs and Timberlands Teams events.  Bella is currently working towards her A and H certificates.

COACH - Lynley Holme

At an early age I developed my passion for horses, sat on my first horse at 2 years old and desperately annoyed my parents for my own pony, they eventually gave in when I was 7 so I finally got my very own pony!

At age 10 I was introduced to Pony Club! My love for eventing began, and at 13, I acquired a green station bred gelding. Together we developed and he became my ultimate equine partner and a successful area trials eventing pony. We represented Franklin Thames Valley Pony Club at the first ever Timberlands event, where we won!! And again the following year, coming second.

Most of my teenage years whilst competing my own horse I was also found sharing the breaking in responsibilities with my Dad, who seemed to have a habit of collecting horses, and who taught me a lot abut starting and training techniques.

Achieved my B certificate at Pony Club, and did some coaching and judging.

Then a little later on down the track, I specialised in Dressage, competing successfully up to Medium level. Now some decades on, Dressage is still my passion, although I do put my brave pants on every now and then and have a play around in ODE's.  Just for the thrill of it but at much lower levels than in my previous life.

In 2009, after a long break from the horsey world, I became a Pony Club mother!  This of course led to taking up riding again. So it was then that I stepped into my coaching role... I have coaching experience through to C certificate level but get my biggest buzz out of the beginner riders and instilling confidence in them to achieve great things and making learning FUN.  I have some weird and wonderful games that I have created to help my young riders learn in a fun environment.


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