NOVEMBER 2021  

We traditionally hold an Open Ribbon Day in November. The emphasis is on FUN and all levels of riders are welcome. We have 3-year-old riders on 9hh ponies right through to ‘masters’ in the vintage ring. Whatever your level, we have a class to suit you and your mount.  We have great spot prizes from local business too. 

The exact date of the 2021 event will be posted at the beginning of the season. 




Please read special kindy rules

1.  Best Turned Out (Glitter an Advantage)  

2.  a) Happiest Walking Combination (on lead)       

b) Happiest Walking Combination ( off lead)   

3.  a) Hot to Trot Combo (on lead)         

b) Hot to Trot Combo (off lead)  

4. a) Most promising rider (on Lead)      

b) Most promising rider (off lead)  

5. a) Mannered Mount (On Lead)        

b) Mannered Mount (Off Lead)  

6. Most Thelwell Pony 

 7. Show Pony  (not to have been in 6.)  

8. Sets of Steeds (pairs)  

9. Magic Mares 

10. Macho Mounts  

11. Judges Choice  

12. Fancy Dress  


13. Spud n Spoon Race  

14. Sack Race  

15. Bending Race  

16. Ride and lead race  

17. Trotting poles 

 18. Walk, Trot and Jump 

19. Judges Choice  

20. Tip and Out  




40/50cm JUMPS

1.  Best Turned Out (Glitter an Advantage)  

2.  Happiest Walking Combination  

3.  Hot to Trot Combo  

4. Most promising rider  

5. Mannered Mount  

6. Most Thelwell Pony  

7. Show Pony (not to have been in Thelwell)  

8. Sets of Steeds (pairs)  

9. Magic Mares  

10.Macho Mounts  

11. Judges Choice  

12. Fancy Dress  LUNCH  

13. Spud n Spoon Race  

14. Bending Race  

15. Trotting poles  

16. Walk, Trot and Jump 

17. Handy Hunter 

18. Combination over hurdles 

19. Judges Choice  

20. Tip and Out


This event is enhanced by the kind donation of prizes by the following sponsors. Please support these sponsors, they do a great job of sponsoring community events such as this. 

                       THANK YOU TO:  

Big Red Stable Snacks

Caltex, Dairy Flat

Dairy Flat Vets

Dairy Flat Food and Liquor Mart 


Dairy Flat Bakery, 

Super Liquor, Dairy Flat,

Caltex, Dairy Flat  

Bayleys Real Estate - Tara Menzies

Saddlery Warehouse 

Pub charity  

Infinity Foundation

Anne Cowell Creations - photography & animal portraits



13 years and under and 14-17 years

1.  Best Turned Out (Glam & Glit an Advantage)

2.  Best Walking Mount

3.  Hot to Trot Combo

4.  Best Rider on the Flat

5.  Mannered Mount (fault and Out)

6.  Best Pony Club Mount

7.  Sets of Steeds (pairs)

8. In Hand Mount (Lead in Walk, Trot, Halt)

9.  Judges Choice 

 10. Bareback Bouncers


11. Trotting Poles  

12. Walk, trot, canter, jump, halt 

13. Handy Hunter  

14.Figure of 8 (jumping 2 jumps) 

15. Best Rider Over Jumps 

16. Best Combination Over Jumps 

17. Judges Choice  

18. Tip and Out



18  years and Over

1.  Best Turned Out (Glamour an advantage)  

2.  a. Hot to Trot 15.2hh and under      

b. Hot to Trot 15.3hh and over 

3.  a. Cautious combination (no canter)      

b. Confident combination (canter) 

4.  a. Best Rider 18-35yrs      

b. Best rider 36yr + 

5. Mannered Mount (fault & out)  

6. Grandmas Mount (long rein/wine) 

7.  Most Feminine Mare 

8.  Most Macho Gelding 

9.  Pairs 

10. Judges Choice 


11. Wine Trail  

12. Walk, trot, canter, jump, halt 

13. a. Cautious combination over Hurdles       

b. Confident combination over Hurdles  

14. Handy Hunter 

15. Figure of 8 (jumping 2 jumps) 

16. Best rider over jumps 

17. Judges Choice  

18. Tip and Out 

RULES FOR THE DAY   All competitors ride a their own risk.   

1. No liability accepted for any injury, loss or  damage suffered by any competitors spectators,  vehicles or property.   

2. The judges decision is final.  Any protest must  be in writing within 20 minutes of the complaint  with a $30.00 payment.   

3. Approved tagged safety helmets must be worn  at all times while mounted.  No riding in halters on  PC grounds.   

4. Plaiting and jackets optional.   

5. Jumping – three refusals and out.  Long sleeves  to be worn. 

6. Any bad language or excessive use of whips and  spurs or cruelty to horse/pony will not be  tolerated under any circumstances and can  result in elimination.   

7. Any horse/pony that may kick must have a red  ribbon attached to their tails. Optional green  ribbon for inexperienced horse/pony  

8. No dogs.   

9. Silverdale Branch, NHPC reserves the right to  change or alter the programme at any time.   

10.No jumping of spa and cross country jumps.   

11. All jumping will be kept under one meter  (including tip and out)   

12. All Non NZPCA members must complete a  casual membership agreement   

13. Walking only while mounted outside of rings.   

14. No lunging near vehicles   

15.Snaffle Bridles all rings, unless exemption  for safety reasons is given by the Committee on  the day or prior to entry.  NO DOUBLE BRIDLES.  

16. Any rider with unsafe gear will be refused  entry and entry fees refunded if gear cannot be  replaced or changed. 



Agreement for Casual Members - Schedule 2.pdf Agreement for Casual Members - Schedule 2.pdf
Size : 35.396 Kb
Type : pdf

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