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Cross Country

Posted by Sally Fern on Saturday, October 17, 2009,

"Cross Country" is a style of riding generally associated with the second day of a Three Day Event. Three Day Eventing is a particular kind of horse show that includes Dressage, Cross Country, and Show or Stadium Jumping. Competitors must train specifically for each day of the Three Day Event, and it is a testament to the skill, endurance, and flexibility of both rider and horse to be able to compete and win in each of the three styles of riding.

When you're talking about the second day in...

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Equestrian Sport - What is Eventing?

Posted by Sally Fern on Saturday, October 17, 2009,

Often referred to as an "equestrian triathlon" eventing involves a horse and rider combination competing over three phases : dressage, cross country and showjumping. Originally designed as a military test for a charger, eventing now attracts interest from all ages, experiences and walks of life. The aim of eventing is to complete all three phases with the lowest penalty points.

Dressage : The dressage phase is the first test of the competition. Dressage consists of a set sequence of moveme...

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